Cerita Kayu Nasi Kandar!

I just came back from having dinner at Kayu nasi Kandar, Bukit Jambul. I paid for my rice...RM10.00 which has 1 pc of mutton and 1 pc of chicken. After eating halfway, I decided to request for more gravy (kuah). Guess what happenned!!

The guy serving asked..."you want RM1 or RM2 kuah?"
I said" I ordered rice and I just wanted a little more Kuah.
He now replied loudly and rudely "tadi, I sudah bagi cukup kuah. Mau lagi kena bayar!!"

Last week, I took my son there and we ordered Roti Canai. I requested a little sugar for my son as he did not like the curry. I was charged RM0.50 for a spoon of sugar!!

When they 1st open, the owner(an elderly man) came over to my table and was very polite. He even gave me some papadum free as a gesture and... he invited me to come over again. Nowadays, their attitude have changed. They have become very ARROGANT. Why?...business is too good . They have adopted the "TAKE IT or LEAVE" attitude. They have forgotten that the people ordering the food are their Customers.

SO?!!...pls try not to go there too often and help send this mail out and inform your friends.

Kayu Victim


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