Palm houses in DUBAI!

Take a look at palm subdivision in Dubai...each house cost $48 million. This is really amazing because all of the houses were sold in only 3 days from the day they launched the open house selling.

List of some persons who bought from the palm: David Beckham, Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Whitney Houston, Nicholas Cage, Steven Spielberg, Roger Moore, Clint Eastwood, Sultan Najori Hamten of KSA, Bill Clinton, Pete Sampras, Michael Jordan, Tina Turner, Will Smith, Beth Midler, Jet-Li, Patrick Ewing, Robin Williams, Damon Sunderland, Don King, Phil Jackson, Shania Twain, George Bush, Oscar DelaHoya, Axel Rose, Demi Moore & Bruce Willis, Rony Notada, And many more...

Now see this stuff........................This is taken from world's tallest building "Burj Dubai" @ 2,620 ft / 801m!!!
What do you think ......................

Really amazing!

Look at the edge (uppermost right corner) of the picture, you can almost see the turn of the earth.

The persons who are working on the upper most Girders can see the "ROTATION OF EARTH" So terrifying.....

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